July 4, 2019 Enjoyed my morning, ready to keep moving

I enjoyed walking around, looking at booths for our Annual Deerfield Family Days with Ron & both my daughters :-) I handled the ...

January 2nd, 2019 Being present & planning can co-exist, or "what's in my future?"

I'm sharing this piece because I thought that it might be helpful for others - not just myself - to see my thought process.  That said, neurological rehab is very individual -something I remind myself of frequently.

Part of what makes my life full right now is my therapies, but I've also said that therapy is a means to an end, not an end in itself... therapy shouldn't become something I do because I'm used to it.

As 2019 begins, I'm thinking that being present, & thinking about the future are not mutually exclusive... I can't look into a crystal ball & know for sure how my life will unfold, but that doesn't mean make NO plans at all.

Volunteering - yup, still thinking about that - I used to think that volunteering had to be "out there," but maybe not, right now.  My main goal really is to do something that feels valuable. I don't want to do anything that's on a tight schedule - definitely not ready for that.

I'll remind Cassey at VeDA about sending me new member calls. www.vestibular.org

Maybe I could do something for a local organization - like our local Shelter (Orphans of the Storm - very close to our house. Fleece blankets for cats & dogs? 

Therapy - it feels like talking with Ann & Joyce about parameters of my treatment makes sense. 

Joyce, my OT/Feldenkrais practitioner was the first person who provided the beginning of my road to recovery, & working with her is not only for balance, but also sensory work - she's also trained in the Masgutova method (https://masgutovamethod.com/).  

Vestibular & sensory issues are complex, but it's relevant & valuable for me to think about what & when I transition to in my work with her.  I don't know what kind of support I will need long-term - given my vertiginous migraine disorder - I'll only find out by experimenting.

Ann - vision therapy -  vision is a multilayered, complex system involving so much... but again, what are the parameters of my treatment at this point, and what kind of support will I need long-term?

Working with Christina - cognitive behavioral therapy - will at some point moving to support, but I don't think it's time for a discussion about that yet - I'm still in my first year of treatment.

I'm fully aware that I'm extremely fortunate to be able to think about having long-term support.  I truly wish everyone was in this position, especially because it can take a long time to pull all the pieces of a successful treatment plan together.

thanks to my friend Marla for the above quote

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