July 4, 2019 Enjoyed my morning, ready to keep moving

I enjoyed walking around, looking at booths for our Annual Deerfield Family Days with Ron & both my daughters :-) I handled the ...

January 11th, 2019 Getting to know MY Anxiety, getting positive

Lists are useful - To Do/reminders, grocery, etc., & I'm finding that focusing on the positive is really hard for me, BUT doing lists just doesn't do it for me, sooo, here's my latest drawing - it's a BIG "plus" sign with some of what I've done.

I always thought that having Anxiety meant FEELING anxious - & a lot of times it does... but inaccurate thinking - what are known as cognitive distortions - is ALSO Anxiety (it's how Anxiety works on your brain).

Here's a couple links - 1 for an article, & 1 for Wikipedia -

Here's the messed up thinking I think I get into most frequently -

1) minimizing the positive - the opposite of paying attention, giving my/yourself credit

2) avoidance - anxiety makes my/you want to avoid

3) catastrophizing - jumping to worst case scenario "Something bad's gonna happen," which tends to go with "what if?"

4) personalizing  - it's my fault - i.e. because of my illness, as opposed to "I didn't choose this, & it just IS, & I'm doing the best I can"

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