July 4, 2019 Enjoyed my morning, ready to keep moving

I enjoyed walking around, looking at booths for our Annual Deerfield Family Days with Ron & both my daughters :-) I handled the ...

August 8th, 2018 It ALL adds up, and my PTSD Anxiety's the key...

Here's a pic of my newest signs... doing these signs was a project for me, and I feel good about them... the first one is really about self-compassion, and the second one is my reminder that EVERY little step matters.

I realized that my thinking in terms of accomplishments needs adjusting. Big things are easy to notice - it was a big thing for me to go to the optimist club evening picnic, and cool that I could do it - a few months ago I'd never even have considered it.

Small things - like making these 2 signs - ALSO matter, and I need to notice them... even really small things - like dividing up a piece of paper, or sharpening several colored pencils, matters... it ALL adds up.

An FB friend of mine told me about a rare diagnosis that she finally received that gave her her life back, and I realized that for me, recognizing I have PTSD Anxiety, and working with a new therapist to slowly embrace it, is what *I* need to do.

Dealing with my PTSD Anxiety is hard - I know the goal is for it to become easier, more benign, but it's NOT easy right now... one of the elements - Worry exposure (see the link below) is really hard, uncomfortable, and anxiety provoking even done in small pieces... Cutting through my negative thinking, as I wrote about already, is also very challenging.

I have to put my trust in, and work with my therapist, just as I've done with Feldenkrais and vision therapy.  I've got to remember that my PTSD Anxiety is the key, for me, to making progress with those other therapies. One. Small. Step. at. a. Time... To improve my life as much as possible.
Photo credit - Ron

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