October 24th, 2018 My timeline of progress

I decided to do a timeline - an interesting cognitive exercise, as well as visual - Early Sept., 2011 - wake up to terrible VERTIGO ...

April 3rd, 2018 Shadows, reflections, edges = depth perception...

Something is changing for me... I've had a month off from vision therapy (VT) but have had several conversations with Ann, and done some things at home, and this time off gave my body time to absorb... and who knows what else is going on, working inside my neurological self - I'm getting glimpses of vision I don't think I ever had before... wow! 

It's one thing to know intellectually/cognitively an object is round, has depth, it's quite another to really SEE it in a palpable way... this new vision isn't ALWAYS there, but I have a hunch it'll continue to grow...
Exhilarating and exhausting... makes me feel a bit off kilter at times, but I know it's a good thing...  There's weight and volume, density and space in between things that is a THING itself... really kind of amazing... how did I not SEE this before?!

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